27september 2023

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Zadnje novice

Friday, 30 November, 5pm, at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FDV), room 14.

The Journal for the Critique of Science Club (Klub ČKZ) invites you to a discussion about contemporary issues in drug policy and addiction politics, touching topics such as (1) how the notion of how the notion of addiction is used to influence drug policy; (2) the double tendency of decriminalization of drugs and expanding pathologization of non-substance "consumption" (like gambling or video-gaming); (3) lack of narratives of enjoyment in the context of public discourses of addiction and drugs. We will start with short presentations and then hold an open discussion. The aim is to form a critical overview of the current problematics in the field, including not just professional opinions but also people's experiences, so you are welcome to share your perspective. 


The speakers:

Janko Belin, social worker and harm reduction activist

Matej Jankovič, drug issues journalist

Maja Kohek, researcher of addiction and spiritual drug use

Roman Paškulin, medical therapist

Moderated by Benediktas Gelūnas, researcher of addiction politics