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This ethical code and publication malpractice statemet contains the publishing standards of Časopis za kritiko znanosti (Journal for the Critique of Science, Imagination, and New Anthropology) for all contributors, i.e. for editors and authors of the journal as well as for reviewers: the ethical substance of the journal is one and only and eternal and unchangeable, it can exist and be actualised only in each of its singular, particular and historically determined subjects (editors, reviewers, authors), wherein the sum of individual subjects can never exceed the general ethical substance. ČKZ is fully commited ensuring ethics in publication and high quality of articles published.

Duties of the editor and the editorial board

The editor of the journal shall be responsible for deciding, on the basis of his or her own and joint judgment and, last but not least, on the basis of expert reviews, which of the papers submitted are suitable for publication; the editor shall observe the policy of the journal editorial board which he or she co-creates through his or her participation; in addition, each publication shall be subject to applicable legal restrictions concerning defamation, copyright infringement, plagiarism and other issues. On the basis of the above criteria, the editor shall assess the suitability of the contents of the submitted papers irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Duties of reviewers

An expert assessment of a reviewer helps the editor in making editorial decisions and may, by means of communication with the author through the editor, help the author refine his or her paper; reviewers shall treat all papers received for review as confidential and may not disclose them to other persons or discuss them with other persons; the reviewing of papers shall be clear, impartial and substantiated. Reviews should be conducted objectively and personal criticism of the author is unacceptable. Referees should express their views clearly with supporting arguments. Reviewers should, furthermore, attempt to identify relevant published work that has not been cited by the author(s) and should notify editor of any significant similarity between the paper under consideration and any other published paper of which they have personal knowledge of.

Duties of authors

The authors shall guarantee for the verifiability and accuracy of the information used in their papers; the authors shall make certain that their work is fully original and that, if they used the work and/or words of other persons, they quoted or cited them correctly in order to avoid inadmissible plagiarism; the author shall not duplicate publications and submit papers that have been published or are being reviewed by another journal; all authors shall state in their papers any financial or other conflict of interests that could influence the results or interpretation of their manuscripts.