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We invite you to join our loyal readers and become a subscriber of the ČKZ. The annual subscription fee for all three issues is €30, €20 for students, pupils and the unemployed (40% and 60% savings).

Časopis za kritiko znanosti, domišljijo in novo antropologijo (ČKZ) is a well-established social science and humanities journal. We are committed to critical thought and transdisciplinarity, to liberating epistemologies and to opening up academic space. We talk about what is not talked about. We kick against the tide and invent new styles of swimming.

You can send us your subscription to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can also buy the magazine at outlets throughout Slovenia; check the list of sales outlets below.

Bookshops selling Časopis za kritiko znanosti:

  • 41 Mladinska knjiga bookshops, including:
    • Mestna knjigarna, Maribor
    • Bookstore Gosposka, Maribor
    • Bookstore in Europark Center, Maribor
    • Bookstore and paper shop Konzorcij, Ljubljana
    • Bookstore at Trubarjeva Street, Ljubljana
    • Bookshop and paper shop Kolodvor, Ljubljana
    • Bookshop Citypark, Ljubljana
    • Bookstore and paper shop Svet knjige Qlandia, Kranj
    • Mestna knjigarna, Nova Gorica
    • Bookstore Dom knjige and Svet knjige, Koper
    • Bookstore Čopova, Ljubljana
    • Bookshop and paper shop Nebotičnik, Ljubljana
    • ...
  • All 49 DZS Bookstores, including: 
    • Branch Center, Kranj
    • Branch Mercator center Šiška, Ljubljana
    • Branch BTC, Hall VIII, Ljubljana
    • Branch Mercator center, Jesenice
    • Branch Mercator center, Logatec
    • Branch BTC, Hall A, Ljubljana
    • Branch Kočevje, Kočevje
    • Branch Mercator center Slovenj Gradec, Slovenj Gradec
    • Branch Celje (Prešernova), Celje
    • Branch Mercator center Bršljin,  Novo Mesto
    • ...
  • Bookstore Goga, Novo mesto
  • Totaliteta d. o. o., Ljubljana
  • Bookstore Sanje, Ljubljana
  • Scientific Research Centre SAZU, Ljubljana
  • Moderna galerija, Ljubljana