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Building an Alternative Economy as Decolonial Praxis

The chapter discusses the possibilities of using decolonial thought to create diverse economic praxis through action research. It draws on the work of decolonial and feminist scholars as well as fieldwork to question capitalist definitions of poverty and hierarchy imposed upon Indigenous communities to privilege non-capitalist forms of creating value. The project is an exploration in decolonial economic praxis, where Indigenous and non-Indigenous women work together to revalue ourselves as generators of an economy. Decolonial economic practices open possibilities for creating economic systems of value and exchange not originating solely within a Western episteme. Many Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities work to overcome their lack of access to money by creating heterodox economic spaces that incorporate both Indigenous economic practices and capitalist practices alongside each other. Money and hierarchical capitalist relationships can be a destructive force in Indigenous communities creating social division between community members.


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Issue No. 287 - A Journey for Life = La gira por la vida
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2022 , volume volume 50 , issue issue 287
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