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A Selection of Early Official Use Cases and Proposals for the Renovation of Rog from the Relocation of the Factory’s Production Line to the Financial Bubble: A Documentary Review

Up until 2008, the renovation of the empty Rog factory in Ljubljana followed two paths. The first path involved interventions made by civil society, which changed the former factory into a site for cultural and social events. Rog was supposed to be the location of workshops, a ballet school, art academies, a museum of technology, a Kunsthalle, art studios, a hospital, a covered marketplace and a home for the Strojans, a Roma family. Around the year 2000, the Association designated Rog as a centre for contemporary art and visual culture. Up until 2000, Rog hosted three major exhibitions: the 16th and 17th Biennials of Industrial Design and Break 21. The second path taken in the renovation of Rog concerns the procedures and activities carried out by the municipality of Ljubljana. In 2002, it leased the factory from its owners, but eventually became the owner itself in 2014. Other activities of the municipality with regard to Rog included the organisation of an international colloquium on urban rejuvenation (1995) and the definition of new conditions for the spatial organisation of Rog (1998), in which the municipality determined that Rog was to become a city quarter with spaces for apartments and various enterprises connected to the creative industries. The municipality subsequently developed an architectural plan for Rog (the project was carried out in collaboration with the International Centre for Architecture, Design, and the Urban Arts in 2007), choosing the architectural solution provided by Marjan Bežan and the architectural team MX – SI (2008). For the powers that be in Ljubljana, the renovation and reorganisation of Rog is more a lucrative object of political marketing targeted at progressive individuals than it is an opportunity to create permanent conditions in which progressive ideas could operate.