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An Essay on “Pre-elements” for the Renovation of Environmental Thoughts

The article discusses blind spots in the knowledge about the historical development of nature-culture relations. The result is a weak and anthropocentric “warped” understanding of the basic historical stages of the social relationship to nature. This default stance has an impact on modern versions of environmental reflection, and consequentially impacts the efficiency of solving today’s environmental dilemmas and problems. The topic is extremely extensive and complex, therefore an essayist and selective approach is inevitable. The purpose of the article is not to offer a new and more comprehensive “truth”, but to promote discussion and dialogue on alternative interpretations, which have been and are still largely marginalized. The ultimate objective is to draw attention to discussions on the revitalization of the fundamental constitutive elements of the relationship to nature that would also allow for the revitalization of environmental reflections, and thus perhaps also the revitalization of contemporary environmental theories and trends.


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Issue No. 262 - Green Politics / Refugees Welcome
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2015 , volume volume 43 , issue issue 262
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