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Bullying of LGBT Children in Slovenia and Elsewhere: Primary and Secondary Schools

The author introduces the article by describing four cases of school bullying on the basis of sexual orientation and identity that ended in suicide and were widely publicized. She continues by presenting the attempts of three countries (U.K. – Scotland, Japan and Chile) to combat bullying on the basis of sexual orientation and identity, as well as the measures they have employed to this end. The third part of the article focuses on the situation in Slovenian schools. Slovenia has no systematic approach to the issue, and there are indications that the situation is deteriorating (reduction of certain content in curricula, perceived growth of violence). The author therefore concludes that several changes are required to adequately address the bullying of LGBT children in Slovenia.


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Issue No. 275 - Violence Against LGBT Youth and Adults
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2019 , volume volume 47 , issue issue 275
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