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Epistemologies of Freedom Revisited: An Interview with Cihad Hami

The interview consists of two parts. The first part, titled “On Epistemology”, was conducted via email and explores Cihad Hami’s perspective on democratic confederalism, the philosophy of Kurdish political leader Abdullah Öcalan that inspired the Rojava Revolution. Portions of the interview were originally published under the name “Epistemologies of Freedom” by the online journal Kurdish Question on August 29, 2015. The second part of the interview, “Epistemology in Practice”, was conducted in person in Hamburg, Germany, in June 2017. It addresses the Cihad Hami’s knowledge about the practice of popular assemblies in Rojava today.


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Issue No.  269 - Rethinking Revolutions - Marking 100 Years Since the October Revolution
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2017 , volume volume 45 , issue issue 269
5,00 € each (incl. tax - DDV)
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