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Good Work(s) of Architecture: The Case of DTS UKC

The article examines the relation between architecture and its users. Contrary to the predominant position, which states that architecture should focus on people instead of focusing on architectural invention, the article argues that the dilemma itself is irrelevant. It is precisely when architecture is well constructed, when it is the result of successful architectural invention, that it is also good for people. Here, the author stresses that architecture should not focus on benefiting people as they already are – architects should instead take into account that people, in all of their human complexity, are co-created by architecture. The article therefore argues that architecture has a creative or transformative capacity: it not only creates its objects/products, but also co-creates its (architectural) users. This property of architecture stems from its inner structure, which is also the inner structure of the objects that architecture creates. The article develops this argument through an examination of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana designed by architect Stanko Kristl.


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Issue No. 274 - Inventions of Space at the Intersection of Art, Science and Philosophy / Architecture and Subjectivation
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2018 , volume volume 46 , issue issue 274
9,00 € each (incl. tax - DDV)
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