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Liberating Life: Woman’s Revolution

The basic idea of the text is the liberation of women from the domination of men, who are also the originators of the capitalist, exploitative system. The author argues that male domination began with the enslavement of women and the destruction of matriarchal society after a group of powerful, leading men, together with high priests and a tribal elder/shaman, subjugated women as early as 2000 BC – and what the author calls the first sexual rapture, which is one of the three sexual raptures. The enslavement began with the assignment of unpaid domestic tasks to women, which he calls housewifisation, but this enslavement was not only about the enslavement of women, but also of men and children through the establishment of socially stratified classes. Based on this, the author draws a common feature of women’s enslavement through various historical changes and concludes that until women are free, there will not be a free, egalitarian and democratic society (and he means both Kurdish and overall human society), so the main goal is to encourage women to become aware of their inequality, to encourage them to organise (themselves in their own movement), educate themselves and participate in politics, economy, education.


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Issue No. 288 - Amargi
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2023 , volume volume 51 , issue issue 288
12,90 € each (incl. tax - DDV)
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