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Media (Counter-)Revolutions

The article is an attempt to unveil the mythology surrounding the media, which presents it as a neutral and objective reporter of social events, while we believe that the content of media coverage depends highly on the capitalist relations of production and the interests of media-owners. We will discuss the transformation of the media from its revolutionary role in the context of the Russian revolution (propaganda, agitation) to today’s apolitical platform, a potpourri of different opinions with no context or political connotation. In the continuation, we will show the impossibility of change to the functioning of the media via improvements of legislation, working conditions or advocacy for greater objectivity (in the context of post-truth), suggesting a radical political stance and the liberation of the media from the economic dependency on capital. We will use the example of Slovenian media coverage in the time of the uprisings (winter of 2012/2013) to show the counterrevolutionary role of the media. By pointing out the mechanisms of governance that are diffused through media, we will demonstrate their function in controlling, directing and sanctioning the political expression of the social tissue. The conclusion of the article reflects on a concrete experiment of autonomous media in a local context that we view as a good example of political media.


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Issue No.  269 - Rethinking Revolutions - Marking 100 Years Since the October Revolution
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2017 , volume volume 45 , issue issue 269
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