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Memory and Rebellions in the Area Known as Ecuador

This article presents the history of Ecuador and its different stages in the 500-year struggle against colonialism, focusing in particular on contemporary struggles. It is a history that spirals and repeats itself, because there is a long tradition of resistance among rebellious people in Ecuador. The turning point that marked the modern era was the beginning of the process of colonisation of Abye Yala, the American continent, and, alongside that, the process of initial accumulation, marked by patriarchal, capitalist and then colonial plunder, but at the same time it was the beginning of rebellions, among which we mention the Pintag Revolt, the rebellion of Rumiñahui, an indigenous warrior who led a revolt against the Spanish invasion, and that of Alonso de Illescas, of African descent, the forerunner of the fugitive slaves. In this same line, many years later (1778), Martina Carrillo appears, escaping from the estate where she had worked as a slave, in order to expose the severe oppression under which black people lived. The 20th century has been marked by diverse historical events: brutal massacres, such as the massacres of 15 November 1922 and 1977, but also the struggles against the brutal repression of modern military dictatorships, which stretch right to the year 2023.


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Issue No. 288 - Amargi
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2023 , volume volume 51 , issue issue 288
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