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Militarization of the borders and illegalization of people: A profitable attack on humane and democratic society

Building up the borders of Europe, their militarization and turning refugees into illegal human beings are the key approaches of the EU towards people fleeing to survive. Thus, Europe is turning its border areas into crisis conditions and exports its policies, under economic duress, into third countries. Simultaneously, it is enhancing its control apparatus that infringes into lives of EU citizens. However, the creation of a class of unwanted people benefits EU economies in parallel with the militarization of the EU borders, which empowers the military–security industry, the smuggler networks grow. The ways to reach Europe are becoming ever more deadly. Anthropologist Ruben Andersson, author of the book Illegality, Inc. and Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, adjunct professor at the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies at the University of Copenhagen, emphasize and warn about these developments – the article is based on interviews with each of them.


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Issue No. 264 - The Balkan Migratory Route: From Revolts on the Borders to the Striptease of Humanism
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2016 , volume volume 44 , issue issue 264