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Necropolitics (2019) by Achille Mbembe. An Extended Essay

Necropolitics (published in 2019) by Achille Mbembe takes us back into to his seminal text on necropolitics which was translated and published in 2003 in the USA. At that point, 40 years after Foucault’s biopolitics, Mbembe re-theorized biopolitics through the horizon of death. This brought a robust conceptual shift from Occidental thought and left a significant impact on the theory and practice of philosophy, politics, anthropology and aesthetics – necropolitics became one of the centers of analysis. In the essay, the authors analyze the monograph that was written 16 years later on the basis of this shorter text.


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Issue No. 281 - Racial Capitalism, Intersectionality of Sexuality, Struggles and Bodies as Borders
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2020 , volume volume 48 , issue issue 281
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