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On the Feminization of Pre-School Education and the Case of Suspected Sexual Abuse

The work involved in the upbringing of preschool children is not equally distributed between fathers and mothers. Preschool education is a special area of feminist critique, and there’s plenty of discussion regarding the feminization of kindergardens, which are the main institutional form of education for preschool children. The majority of kindergarden employees are women, the presence of men is very small or barely detectable. While there have been efforts to change this distribution, there are still many obstacles along the way, including the fear of sexual abuse. The text shortly describes a case from a Slovenian kindergarden where a male teacher was suspected of sexually abusing a threeyearold. Even though the suspicion turned out to be unfounded, the process itself had dire consequences for the teacher involved and indirectly affected the employment prospects of male kindergarden teachers.


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Issue No. 280 - Weaponizing Fear / New Feminisms and Fighting Stupidity
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2020 , volume volume 48 , issue issue 280
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