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Philosophical Counselling between the Application of Method and the Practice of Freedom

Philosophical counselling is a form of new practices of philosophy, which has established itself to such an extent that it has its own associations, professional journals and regular congresses. This does not mean, however, that a unified work model has been established. The article discusses two approaches that show the breadth of the field: the PEACE model developed by Lou Marinoff, and philosophical counselling as a practice of philosophizing, as developed by Stefano Zampieri. The analysis shows that the important difference between them is not in the answer to the question of method for philosophical counselling, but primarily in its conceptualization: is philosophical counselling a technique for solving the client’s life problems or a philosophical dialogue with the guest as a practice of freedom.


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Issue No. 286 - Practical Philosophy
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2022 , volume volume 50 , issue issue 286
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