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“Politically Correct” Hate Speech? Winter 2014/2015 Migration from Kosovo in Media Presentations in Serbia

A couple of months prior to the migration movements that shook the EU in 2015, Serbian media was focused on a different migration: in winter 2014/2015 it had been overwhelmed by the reports about migration from Kosovo to Hungary. “Albanians are massively abandoning Kosovo”, “21,500 Albanians escaped from free Kosovo”, “Cancer and jihad are emptying Kosovo”, “Panic scuttle of the Albanians from Kosovo – what is really awaiting us?”, “The Albanians are leaving Kosovo as if they had been commanded to do so”, “Albanians are running from poverty and the Islamists”, etc. In this paper I analyse these media reports in order to determine whether such expressions could be considered as a variant of hate speech, masked into the politically correct one. At their face value, the expressions appear to point to a genuine concern about misfortune of people from Kosovo, who are forced to flee, or people in Serbia, to which this misfortune could be transferred. They can also be seen as concealed expressions of more controversial and even revanchist attitudes which can be related to the disputed political status of Kosovo and its symbolic value in relation to Serbian state/nationhood.


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Issue No. 268 - Hate Speech
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2017 , volume volume 45 , issue issue 268
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