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Reflection on »Gotof je!«

This article combines two texts, which were written at the time of the third Maribor uprising in 2012. The first explains to an imaginary foreigner, why Gotof je! happened. In doing so, I start from the concept of primary accumulation of capital, which is typical for most of the transitions in Eastern European countries, and the failure of reform of local government in Slovenia, the consequence of which is local sheriffs. The second text is trying – through the analysis of actual political events in the city and municipality – to answer the question of what kind of election we need in Maribor. Both texts are a real-time analysis of the theory in practice. I call such attempts »weak theory« because the practice course ahead. I see this as a big advantage of weak theory, not as a weakness, because it not generalises where it is not possible.


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Issue No. 251 - ¡No pasarán!: Notes from AntiFa Seminar
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2013 , volume volume 41 , issue issue 251
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