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Second Phase of Uprising

The paper aims to determine what the uprising movement in Slovenia should be doing in the future. It starts with analyses of the present economic and political situation in Slovenia, EU and the world. The rough analyses, based on the expertise of Paul Krugman and Catherine Samary on the pressures on Slovenia and France, show that the economic situation in both countries is far from being as poor as markets, EU officials, the specialized media, and rating agencies are suggesting. From this, one can draw a conclusion that a balanced budget is not the real objective of austerity policies. The real aim seems to be rather the devastation of the social safety nets, making poorer citizens pay for the crises and forcing the states into privatization, selling the state property at a low price. It is also clear that Angela Merkel’s austerity policy does not work. To the contrary, this policy is sustaining the current economic crisis in the EU and the world. The task of the uprising movement is to stay alert for future actions, to safeguard the interests of the citizenry, to mold itself into a credible political force and to work for sustainable economic and political system for the future. It is vital that the uprising movement stay pragmatic and visionary at the same time, and avoid the danger of rigid doctrines.


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Issue No. 254 - »Let’s Throw Them Out!«: Reflections on the Uprising Movement in Slovenia
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2013 , volume volume 41 , issue issue 254
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