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Sexual Concepts

In the chapter Sexual concepts from the book Philosophy of Sex and Love the author presents different views and attitudes on how we can understand what is sexual and under what conditions something can be called sexuality; can a mere touch be called sexual or must we have sexual intercourse; is love necessary for the sexual act or can we be aroused and have sexual intercourse without love? Is sexuality connected solely to reproduction? He explains why homosexual intercourse is on the same sexuality scale as heterosexual even though it can‘t produce children. The author also explores the concept of sexuality being socially constructed and not existing per se, and argues that sexuality has a stronger connection to touch as a form of communication between partners that stimulates the enrichment of sensations than to the act of sexual intercourse itself.


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Issue No. 267 - The First Sex: Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities / The Attraction of Genders
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2017 , volume volume 45 , issue issue 267
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