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The Importance of Philosophy for Children in the Formation of Individual Identity

The Importance Of Philosophy For Children In The Formation Of Individual's Identity. The process of forming one's own identity in today's society brings about a variety of issues that many youngsters have to face. They can result in personal dilemmas, conflicts or violence. The article discusses the idea of constructing one's own identity without excluding or rejecting other individuals in today's (capitalist) society that is somehow defined by competiton and decisions made on the basis of artificially set standards. This is why the analysis focuses on discussing some reasons for a possible identity crisis. It also presents positive effects that practical philosophy can have on children when it comes to understanding and reflecting their own identity as well as other social relations. Consequently, they can understand their own path and what surrounds them better. One of the possible ways of encouraging children to find their inner peace and stability is learning about philosophy as well as practicing its ideas at a young age. This is why the optional school subject called Philosophy for Children could importantly contribute to children's way of experiencing life. The approach is based on the dimensions of one's curiosity (thaumazein) that affects the process of learning, understanding and reflecting individuals' decisions and experiences.


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Issue No. 286 - Practical Philosophy
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2022 , volume volume 50 , issue issue 286
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