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The Intention of Fear in Hate Speech: A Reflection on the Causes and Consequences of Hate Speech

The author attempts to clarify and confirm the introductory thesis claiming that hate speech is essential for maintaining the neoliberal ideology, which requires a divided and insecure society for its functioning. Such a society is controlled by the fear of the unknown and leads to expressions of hatred towards the different, “non-integrated” individuals. By introducing the concept of the Other, a symbolic enemy, we analyse the spread of hate speech in society and describe how it affects the changing of the political construction of “us” and “them”. We use Kant’s view of the enlightenment to describe an educated society that represents a path to the acceptance of the culture, way of life and other aspects of the Other. To present the ways of enlightening the society, we use contemporary anarchist thought, which offers the idea of dispersed and constant struggles, also used in Bey’s concept of temporary autonomous zones or the Anonymous movement. In conclusion, we find the solutions for eliminating hate speech in exposing the problem and in the form of constant struggles, starting with the fight for access to quality knowledge of other world cultures and the condemnation of hate speech on all levels.


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Issue No. 268 - Hate Speech
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2017 , volume volume 45 , issue issue 268
5,00 € each (incl. tax - DDV)
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