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The Present against the Past and the Future: Reclaiming the present as a strategy of cultural resistance in Post-War Lebanon

The aim of this article is to show that the present is the temporality of cultural and political resistance in the context of civil wars. The second aim is to show that political revolutions can only become Great Revolutions that bring in a new system of values if they are coupled with a cultural revolution. The main argument claims that such cultural revolution will be itself in return nothing but the affirmation of the manifest dimension of the revolution as such, i.e. of the civil war. In that sense aesthetics is called forth to complete history and the revolutionary awareness given that only aesthetics can be the science of the manifest presence of the civil war. The method followed will focus on exposing the aesthetics of the civil war developed by artists and thinkers witnessing such a civil war. After such exposition these aesthetical systems will be placed in opposition to other thinkers that tried to grapple with the thorny issues of the advent of a new social order stemming out from revolutions and civil wars. Hence the article is divided in three parts: first a summary of the aesthetics of the civil war as exposed by Walid Sadek, followed by the aesthetics of the undead developed by Jalal Toufic, and last the position of these two aesthetics in vis a vis with authors such as Hegel, Marx, Castoriadis, Dardot and Laval as to the question of the advent of a new world order.


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Issue No. 284 - History Between Politics and Critique
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2021 , volume volume 49 , issue issue 284
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