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The Solidarity Economy as a Counter-economy: The Potentials of the Anarchist Movement in Ljubljana

In the article, the authors examine the activities of the anarchist movement in Ljubljana as they relate to the concept of the counter-economy. The authors define this concept as a specific body of economic knowledge and practice which is linked to the processes of building counter-power. The authors focus on three collectives: the urban agrarian platform Zadruga Urbana, Anarchist Community Investment Fund, and the autonomous social space Jalla Jalla. The counter-economic practices of these collectives are defined as the anarchist movement's experimental alternatives to the neoliberal politics of exploitation, producing tangible effects on the everyday life of their participants. The authors interpret the three aforementioned collectives as nodes of a counter-economy that function as non-market and non-state mechanisms for the realization of a number of basic needs. Therefore, these collectives can be understood as examples of a politics of reproduction that is emerging from within both the anarchist and wider autonomous movements in Ljubljana.


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Issue No. 271 - Solidarity Economies
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2018 , volume volume 46 , issue issue 271