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Three Specific Concepts of Space: Černigoj, OHO, V. S. S. D.

The article deals with three different successive periods: the avantgarde constructivist movement of the 20’s in Trieste, led by Avgust Černigoj, the neo-avantgarde movement of the OHO group, and the postmodern installations by V. S. S. D. The first example represents a concept of total space, which includes all senses in one rational whole. The OHO group experimented with the defamiliarization of visual space and the opening of completely new viewpoints. Installations by V. S. S. D., on the other hand, confronted the viewer with the chaotic, ’‘baroque’’ and unbridled aspect of forms.


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Issue No. 274 - Inventions of Space at the Intersection of Art, Science and Philosophy / Architecture and Subjectivation
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2018 , volume volume 46 , issue issue 274
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