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What Are the Benefits of the Citizen Science Concept and Movement? Promoting Research as a Component of Everyday Life

The starting point of the text is the critical evaluation of science (policies) in Slovenia. The lack of direction and the prevalence of the global marketplace logic have led to decontextualization and a substantive impoverishment of scientific research in this country. The author presents and grounds an initiative for Slovenia to join the highly dynamic international efforts advocating for citizen science. This offers a prospect to overcome the binary categorization of science and nonscience, which implicitly or explicitly tends to underestimate the lay knowledge of citizens. By including citizens, we can increase the diversity of the actors of research, which provides (re)cognition and the innovative solving of problems in their social and natural environment. Citizen science promotes a long-term emancipatory outlook, which the author sees as science becoming a key aspect of everyday life.


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Issue No. 282 - Open Science in Slovenia and Worldwide
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2021 , volume volume 49 , issue issue 282
12,90 € each (incl. tax - DDV)
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