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What Is Today’s Alternative Culture?

The article is a summary of a discussion held at What Is Today’s Alternative Culture? The Art of Creating Theatre Outside of Production Formats, a convention held by the Slovenian Society of Theatre Critics and Theatrologists. The convention was organized as part of the 50th edition of the Borštnik Festival. The discussion was focused on the following questions: How can we resist the project paradigm and hyperproduction? How do we determine the value of our work? Who are the true agents of transformation and where will a “revolution” come from? We realized that both institutions and independent organizations are immersed in the same “alternative culture” and that existential uncertainty fuels malleability, fear and fragmentation. We have also determined that the equality of partners is necessary in order to establish fluidity, dialogue and cooperation. For this reason, the independent scene and its creators must be empowered, systemic support must be established, and the subordinate position of the entire artistic and cultural field must be dissolved.


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Issue No. 272 - Culture, a Private Nonprofit Organization
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2018 , volume volume 46 , issue issue 272
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