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"When A Good Life is the Motto of the Co-Operative, your Activities Become Quite Different.": An Interview with Jadranka Vesel

Jadranka Vesel starts out the interview by sharing her experiences with cooperatives in the time of socialism. Through the distinction of the different forms of ownership (social, state, private, commons), she explains the concept of the commons and stresses the need to define group interests, while also touching on the topics of responsibility and solidarity. In the second part of the interview, Jadranka Vesel talks about the social economy and discusses the role of co-operatives and nongovernmental organisations. She also discusses the concept of “social entrepreneurship” in relation to capitalist interests in both the EU and Slovenia. Finally, she speaks about the policy-making in this field in Slovenia, and describes possible tactics and strategies for the implementation of the social economy in practice.


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Issue No. 271 - Solidarity Economies
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2018 , volume volume 46 , issue issue 271