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Why so Sour, Lemon? On Queer and Feminist Troubles in Rog

Feminism should be inherent to all forms of autonomous organizing. The notion that feminism is not a women’s issue, but rather a method of addressing patriarchal practices and the analysis of structural relations is being discussed in this article through concrete examples of contradictions forming the daily struggle for the reclamation of (autonomous) space. The article includes an analysis of the constitution of the political subject and the hierarchical differentiation between the personal and political, as well as thoughts on invisible reproductive emotional and care work, violence in the community, and ways of addressing and examining general assemblies as political spaces containing the dynamics of domination. We reflect on issues of informal hierarchies, exclusions based on the hierarchisation of discourses (stuttering versus avant-garde), and distinctions between the emotional, rational, personal, and political resulting in personal relationships, safety, well-being, solidarity and friendship being seen as obstacles hindering political work. We share our experiences from assemblies, where feminism has to fight for recognition as a relevant political topic. Furthermore, the text shows how patriarchal definitions of political organizing and violence infiltrate autonomous spaces and how attempts by queer-feminists to address these issues are faced with resistance from the community. The criticism of the division between political work and the reproduction of everyday life is ever-present in the article, since we advocate for the idea that autonomy cannot be constructed without feminist practices. The article, which breaks completely with the form and language used in this abstract (and is, in that sense, experimental) concludes with the analysis of the empowering practices of autonomous queer-feminism in Rog.


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Issue No. 270 - Autonomous Factory Rog
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2017 , volume volume 45 , issue issue 270
5,00 € each (incl. tax - DDV)
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