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Yesterday was a Another Day (Today we Blew it)

The article discusses the reasons for the (non-)success of the Slovene uprising, and considers the alternatives. We begin with the questions of why and how the general distrust in political system extended onto the uprising movement. In order to establish an empowered civil society it is necessary to invent new approaches, take advantages of new technologies, and employ those tools of social critique, which have been developed for the understanding of new interpellation praxes. In contrast to the existing praxes of digital uprising, we are in need of a platform which would aim at merging material and virtual reality, thus broadening the public sphere. We need to find better solutions for particular issues. In the conclusion, the article discusses alternative modes of institutionalization of critical thought, which are aware of the new circumstances of the civil society struggle, as well as mindful of the new definitions of subjectivity, embodiment, and ‘liquid’ identities within the environment of new technologies.


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Issue No. 254 - »Let’s Throw Them Out!«: Reflections on the Uprising Movement in Slovenia
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2013 , volume volume 41 , issue issue 254
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