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Anarchism as a Revolutionary Utopia

The article deals with research on anarchism through the analysis of utopias. The latter offer us a possibility to look through the prism of binary division on social and individualist anarchist currents, and therefore observe variety and diversity of anarchisms. Even though many attempts, mainly from classical anarchist thinkers, were made to avoid the label of utopian, utopias had an important impact on anarchist praxis-thought, either as a motivation for resistance or as a desire to experiment with an ideal society here and now. And it is precisely this point where various interpretations which cause many contradictions between diverse specters of anarchisms occur. But utopias also supplement, constantly redefine and question idea of anarchism and therefore build it in a vivid, changing thought of plurality, diversity and spontaneity. Through understanding of utopias, heterotopias and political theories, we will search the reasons for divisions between praxis and theory that, despite many efforts to overcome them, still manifest themselves through different approaches on the quest for freedom. Diverse revolts against hierarchies and restraints of power, which encompass all specters of people’s lives, are quite different, but they always cross at the intersections that are marked with principles of antiauthoritarianism, mutual aid, solidarity and self-organization. Utopias in the revolts remain the place of infinite imagination, creativity and the unstoppable desire for freedom.


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Issue No. 257 - Anarchism: Beyond of the Existing
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2014 , volume volume 42 , issue issue 257