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And Then There Were Tire Tracks …

This article is a direct address to the reader not to passively study but rather actively create a theory. The text does not conform to the norms of objectivity, but is rather trying to overcome theoretical and practical alienation from self, life and struggle. The author tries to reveal the traps of linear conceptions of time and the development of struggle. He analyzes how the limitations of thinking and acting occur within the predominantly Marxist, but also anarchist theory, when it is alienated from its own needs. In the first part of the text he therefore sharply rejects any sort of frames and programmes, which would lead activists towards waiting instead of acting. He also marks the danger of creating hierarchy when it comes to struggles, or reducing them to an issue of the economic sphere. Later on, he analyzes the concepts of “the existing” and “civilization”, as understood by insurrectionalist tendencies within anarchism in the case of the first concept and within anarcho-primitivism in the case of the second. Both terms describe a static condition and are, in reality, manifested as a limitation in the construction of a world beyond capitalism, alienation, hierarchy, and domination. The author puts the struggle; the struggle for life, action and feelings against these two concepts. The article does not aspire to give answers, but rather to pose questions. Therefore, it must be understood as an open attempt of building theory from the movement, without trying to set itself to the position of knowledge.


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Issue No. 257 - Anarchism: Beyond of the Existing
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2014 , volume volume 42 , issue issue 257