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Ideas and Practices of Organized Anarchism in Slovenia (1999–2014)

In addition to providing the chronology of the most important episodes of anarchist activities in Slovenia in the last 15 years, the article closely examines the forms and methods of political organization and action that led to the creation of the Federation for Anarchist Organization. It outlines the ideological and theoretical underpinnings of anarchism in Slovenia. The latter has enabled the development and continuity of activities in various social initiatives and movements, of which anarchists were sometimes initiators and sometimes supporters, but in any case their work was always based on anarchist ideas and principles. This practice placed anarchism on the political map as a distinct political force in social movements. Despite the fact that anarchism is internally heterogeneous and full of different views and flows, it appears to be unified on the outside.


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Issue No. 257 - Anarchism: Beyond of the Existing
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2014 , volume volume 42 , issue issue 257