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When are people “ready” for freedom?

This is the translation of the text by Johann Most, German-speaking anarchist and agitator, who was an avid supporter of the anarchist organizing and propaganda by deed. We decided to translate it because the work and ideas of Johann Most were one of the biggest influences on anarchist organizing in the Slovenian-speaking area in the 19th century. In the text, Most pummels the concept of waiting for the right moment to resist and fight for freedom. He analyzes different factors that contribute to the general apathy and being susceptible to manipulation, and prevent the creation of the political space for self-emancipation and self-organization. Therefore, he attacks theoreticians and the Church, the latter because it is more fond of advocating empty promises and waiting for utopia that is yet to come, than resistance. He is also critical of politicians of any kind. He is particularly harsh towards social democrats and socialists, who in his opinion not only advocate freedom only after assuming political power, but mostly because they strip people of the validity for self-analysis and self-determination, and promote the avant-gardist position of knowledge and strategy of resistance, all the while pretending to be “on their side.” This position in particular still resonates with the existing contemporary political parties of (a more) socialist background. In the last few years, they are emerging in the form of a party-movement, and yet they still use the identical policy of waiting, which, according to Most, destroys all potential for the realization of full freedom.


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Issue No. 257 - Anarchism: Beyond of the Existing
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2014 , volume volume 42 , issue issue 257