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Militant Research: A New Narrative for a Decriminalisation of Uprisings

The author emphasizes the role of militant methodology in the production of subjectivity, focusing chiefly on the part that the militancy ought to play in the process of decriminalizing uprisings over the last year in Slovenia. The paper draws mainly from theories that regard the production of subjectivities in the empowering and active encounters as the principal ground for political transformation. Following these theses, the author suggests that the task of militant research is to produce such a narrative that could change even the least gratifying and joyful effects of the uprisings, transmuting them to the effects of liberation. In conclusion, the author stresses the necessity of this approach, arguing that this is the only way to reappropriate the right to self-determination in the political acts of revolt that had been taken away from us and criminalized.


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Issue No. 254 - »Let’s Throw Them Out!«: Reflections on the Uprising Movement in Slovenia
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2013 , volume volume 41 , issue issue 254
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