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Virtual Insurgencies

This contribution problematizes uprisings in Slovenia by positioning itself on a poststructuralist concept of the multitude. Within such a conceptualization, the article attempts to explicate hacktivism as a marginalized form of the insurgency movement and juxtaposes it to the mainstream uses of virtual social networks. While conducting a short overview of hacktivism (the Anonymous movement), which includes Slovenian cases, the article tries to broaden the interpretative reach of the Slovenian uprisings by addressing a cluster of problems that are being introduced by the emergence of hacktivism (media, law, censorship, local/global, anonymity, etc.). In its last part, the contribution focuses on presenting a confluence of virtual and real forms of insurgencies. In addition, the article introduces the hypothesis of the schizophrenic subject with the help of which it attempts to sketch out some focal points of the global alterglobalization struggles and issues that simultaneously emerge in the context of the Slovenian insurgency movement.


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Issue No. 254 - »Let’s Throw Them Out!«: Reflections on the Uprising Movement in Slovenia
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2013 , volume volume 41 , issue issue 254
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