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Spectre in Tracksuits: Fascistic Discourse, Paranoid Style and Paranoid Excess in the Case of trenirkarji

The article analyses a post published in 2011 on the webpage of the Slovenian Democratic Party that interwove cultural racism and paranoid style. It begins by outlining the main features of hate speech and fascistic discourse, where fascistic discourse is considered as a constitutive element of paranoid style. If the fascistic discourse relies on the fabrication of the Other, defined by external characteristics, the paranoid style regards the Other as a menace. Such conspirative production of distinctions was encapsulated in the signifier »new citizens«. The second part, based on virtual ethnography, shows the heterogeneity of direct responses to the publication. These practices wove together contents of various visual media in the sense of Lévi-Strauss’ notion of bricolage. By contrast with mass media, the feedback was sudden and used parody; in this production, tracksuits emerged as key figure. The reactions on social media represented what Bakhtin called the popular laughter principle. Simultaneously, it can be seen as a direct mechanism of how the excess of the paranoid style was deconstructed through ridicule. For the paranoid style that triggered a counter-effect and lost all its credibility, we propose the term paranoid excess.


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Issue No. 266 - Social Psychopathology and Paranoia
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2016 , volume volume 44 , issue issue 266
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