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The Grease Runs Through It. On Eating Ultra-greasy Bureks

Various male peer groups use a form of symbolic consumption, the topical consuming of greasy bureks, as a form of rebellion against the dominant healthy-lifestyle discourse with which they are bombarded in the media, advertising, formal and informal education. But this high-school rebellion cannot be understood primarily as an opposition to the hegemonic ideas of healthy-lifestyle discourse which holds the burek so close to its heart and often indulges in it (it particularly turns up its nose at burek’s fattiness). This high-school rebellion most likely has to be understood more as a rebellion with and for the burek, and not as a clear and planned revolt against the dominant healthy-lifestyle discourse. Healthy-lifestyle discourse thus appears as an appendage, a parasite on the popular »cheap and nearly always and everywhere available and satisfying burek, which gives further meaning and nuance to this rebellion with/for the burek. The rebellion therefore occurs through a spectacular style, which has to be understood as intentional »communication which in subcultures is emphasized and unusual, which calls attention to itself, which represents, overthrows and destroys the dominant meanings and uses of commodities. But of course this intentional communication«—at least in the case of teenagers— eating bureks has to be read as intentional at the level of the subculture. And this means that it is not done consciously or is even understood by all of the individuals in the subculture.


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Issue No. 255 - A Critical View on Food and Nutrition / Art and/or Handicap / Mcluhan’s Medium Theory
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2014 , volume volume 42 , issue issue 255
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