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Three Perspectives of the Migrant Struggle

The article is a reflection on the topic of migration struggles that were made during the visit of the Zapatista delegation in Ljubljana. The first perspective explores the European mechanisms of border externalization following the examples of the Sahel and Balkan countries, as the process of border closing in both regions shows neo-colonial kinship in the enforcement of sovereign power. The second perspective covers migration in the context of labor market segmentation. Restricting or enabling migration, which operates according to the demands of the economy, creates from peripheral countries a pool of reserve labor with a limited scope of rights, which allows for a higher levels of labor exploitation. The segmentation of the labor market on the basis of citizenship and the restriction of the rights of migrant workers thus enable an increase in the level of capital accumulation that defines capitalist production. The third perspective is reflections on the recent events on the Polish-Belarusian border. The dominant political and media narrative reduced refugees and migrants to victims and »hybrid weapons« of the Lukashenko regime. But perhaps the collective attempt to break through the European border should be understood as a legitimate political action by migrants in the fight for better living conditions, which turns freedom of movement from a privilege into a right.


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Issue No. 287 - A Journey for Life = La gira por la vida
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2022 , volume volume 50 , issue issue 287
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