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Two sides of a coin: Beauvoir on motherhood and the ethics of abortion

In this article, we aim to present the audience‘s response to the release of The Second Sex in 1949, with an emphasis on feminist readings. Two perspectives are outlined that portray Simone de Beauvoir‘s philosophy as opposed to motherhood. We intend to showcase specific examples from The Second Sex, illustrating that her thinking is far more diverse than the original interpretations of the text suggested. Our goal is to demonstrate that the text does not criticize those who choose to become mothers but systematically presents the circumstances a woman faces when choosing to keep a child. It provides a realistic and unromanticized view of motherhood, which is crucial for understanding women‘s overall position in society. A key element highlighted is the impact economic and emotional circumstances have on defining pregnancy and childbirth for a mother. It underscores the realization that while motherhood can be a beautiful experience, young mothers often find themselves alone in the care and upbringing of a child, which presents a significant burden. Therefore, Beauvoir in her philosophy, creates space for women who do not want or cannot keep their children. Through this article, we aim to convey that motherhood and abortion are two sides of the same coin and deserve thoughtful consideration.


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Issue No. 290 - Cinema100
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2023 , volume volume 51 , issue issue 290
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